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"The sparkling apple cider made a great gift. We will be sending it to our family during the holidays."

Storing Apples

Selection, Apple Storage and Handling

  • For storing apples, they should be firm, and free of bruises or blemishes.
  • Keep apples cold - apple storage below 40 degrees if possible to keep them crisp longer.
  • Apples ripen almost 10 times faster at room temperature. 
  • Store apples in a ventilated plastic bag, preferably in the produce, or humidified drawer of your refrigerator, works best.
  • If you are storing apples in large amounts in a basement or garage, cover the box or basket with a clean heavy damp cloth to prevent shriveling.
  • The old saying one bad apple spoils the barrel it literally is true, so always remove overripe fruit promptly.
  • Always wash produce by holding under running water for 15 seconds before eating.

Freezing Apple Cider

Pepin Heights cider can be frozen indefinitely, but be sure to pour off an inch or two before freezing to allow for expansion. You can also concentrate cider for desert or apple butter cookery by freezing, then inverting the jug over a container. When one fourth to one third of the juice has seeped out, discard the nearly clear ice that remains.

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