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HoneyCrisp Apples are here! Buy HoneyCrisp Apples online at the Honey Crisp Apples Place.
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"Our kids love the new tasty Honey Bites, its a great after-school snack."

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Buy SweeTango Apples Soon!

Buy SweeTango Apples at Pepin Heights, the best place to buy SweeTango Apples. People want to buy SweeTango Apples, the newest variety from Pepin Heights. SweeTango may just prove to be the most popular apple variety, as well. You will be able to buy SweeTango Apples here at Pepin Heights in 2010. The 2009 crop was extremely limited and is already sold out. To learn more about the SweeTango variety, and the people who grow it, visit this site that lists the companies from which you can buy SweeTango Apples.

Dried apple slices at Pepin Heights, the home of Honey Bites dried apple slices.

HoneyCrisp apple slices, dried apple slices from Pepin Heights. Buy these delicious dried apple slices now! Can’t wait for the HoneyCrisp season to begin? What if it never ended?

From Pepin Heights Orchard, the folks who grow America's favorite HoneyCrisp apples, comes Honey Bites™ Dried HoneyCrisp Apple Slices—a new way to enjoy your favorite fall flavors all year 'round.

Honey Bites™ are dried apple slices made from delicious HoneyCrisp apples.  Honey Bites are a healthy addition to school lunches, after work-out snack, or salad topping. 

                                                                              Now available in selected stores.

Purchase yours today!

HoneyCrisp Apple Cider :

Coming soon.


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